by Angelica Cruz


Something sweet is a sure way to bring excitement. This is how the inventive upgrade of Cadbury managed to give that new confection encounter.

The added new twist on the classic chocolate was a creative rendition that is aimed at creating a favorable change in the consumers’ behavior. And in the new leg of the campaign, budding teen star Alex Diaz and known beauty enthusiast and fashion blogger Arisse De Santos were introduced as Cadbury 5Star’s new ambassadors.

“Recently, I have been thanking God because right after I accepted the proposal, I’ve been offered many projects. So I really consider this as the bench mark in the progress of my career,” Alex said.

To elevate the fun during the media launch at Glorietta Activity Center, challenges were given to the event’s guests. Carrying the official hashtag, #YouThinkYouCan, ambassadors Alex and Arisse, along with Patrick Sugui, Axel Torres, Markki Stroem, Ryan Sy, and Richard Juan, dared themselves to walk in a mini chocolate pool while dancing to the beat of the hit song “Running Man.”

Indeed, Alex has already made a name in the entertainment industry. Aside from his regular exposure on We Love OPM, where Alex, Markki and Ryan were branded as Team Hotspot, a single under Star Music called “Must Be Going Crazy” is also keeping the one-time radio DJ busy.

But even if there’s a lot of agenda in his mind, Alex still manages to enjoy life just as how Cadbury 5Star is promoting.

“You just actually have to be yourself and never let anybody hinder your colors. Always shine as bright as you can and be a single color that you are no matter what the color is and never let anybody stop you. That is how you will be able to think you can,” Alex shared.


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