by Risha Heidiline Fernandez

Are you looking for places to unwind your mind from the stresses of work and school? Trying to brainstorm ways to kill time because you’re running short on money or simply heeding the call of the cheapskate in you? Then read along, you awesome street-smart survivor, because we’ve just compiled your holy grail.

  • The Hepa Lanes

Release the inner foodie in you and take a leap of fate at this affordable, gastronomical Russian roulette because these grub-selling carts are just everywhere. Streets near populous areas like San Francisco (where the cantunan can be found) and Victoria are teeming with stalls selling snacks at prices that can stretch the capabilities of your twenty peso bill.

  • The churches

To be perfectly candid, there’s not much need for some sales-talking here because these ancient beauties are one of Intramuros finest gems (hey, they weren’t called City of Churches for nothing’) — see that teal-colored dome over there? That’s the Manila Cathedral, a structure breathtakingly pretty you could probably cry. And that’s just the façade.

  • Manila Collectible Co.

It’s not a crime to be a window shopper, so get your art and history fix with this cornucopia of wonderful goods supplied by local artisans! Located just behind the Manila Cathedral (or if you want to be more specific, Cabildo cor. Beaterio St.), the lovechild of Artwork and Kultura is for those who are in need of appreciation for their own countrymen’s own works.

  • Plaza Sampalucan

Or unless you want to use the posh Plazuela de Sta. Isabel, this pocket garden located along General Luna is a fairly pleasing spot to sit back and relax. The park’s focal point, Memorare Manila 1945, is a sculpture erected by a group in honor of the 100,000 lives lost in the Liberation of Manila. Meanwhile, its infamous moniker came from the once abundant sampaloc trees that were, according to legend, planted in the area in reminder of the scandal which took place in 1621.

Now remember: you’re still in Manila so stay keen on your hydration and belongings, people!


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