A new and improved Manila Bulletin

by Carlo Angelo Suñga

A few touches and redecorations can make or break an art direction’s style, but for Manila Bulletin (MB), the new redesigns in their most recent renovations display near perfect execution.

Right from the entrance, the designated lobby that was once shaded gray and white all over is now added with a majestic blend of brown wood from the center ceilings to the walls. A few chandeliers now hang gracefully from the center ceiling.

The lighting, once bearing fluorescent colors, now glows of light yellow to complement the nature and artistic style of the center lobby.

In the center lobby, where there was previously a rectangular signage that boasted “Manila Bulletin” and its slogan “The Philippines’ Leading National Newspaper,” is now a grand arrangement of large gold letters of the company’s name with back lighting per letter.

The second floor is also entirely redecorated with a new overall design which eliminates the typical office setup. The heart of MB, the integral newsroom, is now positioned with long curved tables (instead of the traditional cubicle per employee).

Centered in the newsroom is the editorial desk that mimics a Star Trek-vibe, as according to MB the new design is inspired by the sci-fi hit’s signature Enterprise spaceship’s central piloting area.

Founded in 1900 as a shipping journal, Manila Bulletin is the second-oldest newspaper in the Philippines next to The Manila Times. MB has survived through the years by enduring the adjustment of times.

Recently, in the rise of modern technology, come overwhelming online capabilities. With this introduces the newest team in Manila Bulletin – the Social Media team.

Mostly composed of millennials, the Social Media team adheres to a set of online responsibilities that pertain to active social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their office is decorated with cylindrical round tables with designated office spaces for each employee.

In addition, Manila Bulletin is the only newspaper publication that has a printing press under the same roof. MB’s printing press is one of the fewest in Asia, with the other printing press in Japan being included.

If there were to be an immediate story of extreme importance, the printing press would halt all remaining papers at the given time and include the newly updated papers for the day as soon as possible. The press will have to re-mat to stop production.


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