Millennials’ Code:
This is the age of technology and social media, where digitally-inclined people are consistently looking for ways that could make things (communication, work, shopping, etc) more accessible and easier for them.
The Philippines has been tagged as one of the countries with a great number of Internet users. It was revealed in the said report that the large percentage of it belongs to the population of our millennials. Obviously, this development has a relatively large effect in their behavior.
So to prevent this from being an unwanted distinction, here are 10 reminders (M.I.L.L.E.N.N.I.A.L) worth-considering:
1. Make use of the Internet properly.
2. Invest your time on things that are worthwhile.
3. Live with the golden rule.
4. Look for ways to enhance your skills.
5. Express your thoughts honestly but carefully.
6. Never bully someone through the Internet.
7. Norms should be followed, but breaking the rules wouldn’t hurt as long as we stick to our principles.
8.  If you have nothing good to say, better keep your mouth shut.
9. Always think before you respond.
10. Learn to  be responsible in your actions.