Martin Scorsese’s two-decade project to be released this year

by Coleen Nevado


Liam Neeson as a Jesuit priest in “Silence”
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2016 is set to close in an enthralling route as Martin Scorsese’s passion project, ‘Silence’, will debut in limited release this December before expanding in wide releases yet to be scheduled.

The race to the 2017 Oscars had just turned tougher as Paramount Pictures believes it has a contender for the said annual American awards and the three-hour film to be released just in time for consideration. After working on the material to be made into production for 20 years, Scorsese has achieved what he’s been trying to come into being and now soon is ready to make its appearance to the public.

In spite of the minor problem with the production which is the difficulty of looking for the location of the set due to its 1670 setting, the film’s producer, Irwin Winkler, said that they were able to discover great locations. It was said to be budgeted, the prices were cheap and they were able to make it for a price.

The religious epic is based on a novel of the same name by Japanese author Shūsaku Endō which revolves around a Jesuit missionary going through a pilgrimage in Japan.

The cast starring in the film includes Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver. Parts of the cast who also featured are Yosuke Kubozuka, Tadanobu Asano, Ciaran Hinds, Issey Ogata and Shinya Tsukamoto.

The famous American director, producer and screenwriter is well-known for his iconic films such as The Departed, The Wolf of Wall Street, Taxi Driver, Shutter Island, Gangs of New York and other timeless movies he has contributed to the world of cinema. Scorsese has won best director in 2007 for “The Departed” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson and has also been nominated 12 times for an Oscar.

No trailer is released for ‘Silence’ so far but the plans for its debut this year will still push through.


Spectacle and Substance by Angelica Cruz


Comedian Ryan Yllana wins a re-election as councilor in Parañaque

Photo from Pinoy News Online

Being a public figure takes an extraordinary display of prowess and appealing character. And in order to secure this kind of superiority or elite status, one must afford to give satisfaction to the general public. For an actor-turned-politician like re-elected Councilor Ryan Yllana, this is something readily taken advantage of.

In 2005, Ryan became active in the entertainment industry. Aside from doing hosting, he also starred in movies under GMA films. But during the 2010 elections, Ryan surprised the public when he announced that he’s running for councilor in Parañaque’s 2nd District.

“It was like a call to public service. And since this is something shared among the family, I decided to run as politician as well,” shared Ryan.

Despite the more operational and complex challenges now accounted to him, the La Salle alumnus decided not to leave showbiz industry. In fact, he was able to make movies with GMA during his first two terms as councilor.

“I don’t see any outright conflict of interest in being a celebrity politician”, Ryan said. “It comes with proper setting of priorities. I’m not that active in my career as celebrity since I engaged in politics because public service is still at the top of my priorities,” he explained.

Ryan, as far as his office is concerned, is very open to people who seek financial assistance. As a matter of fact, there was a woman who came to his office asking for P20 because she had no money left to go back to her family. And there also came another who asked if Ryan could actually sponsor her for her outing with friends.

While a councilor giving financial support may not sound new to us, it must be clear that their job is beyond those entertaining and accommodating people. The seats they have are dedicated to a higher level of service.

Politicians may be known as bearers of bad tidings. So, for another celebrity to engage in politics, we may argue that reputation matters, but not so much as when translated into action. Perhaps it’s not only prestige but unblemished record that helped Ryan secured a second term. And if he plays his cards right, and not get marred by any controversy, he might as well find his place running for a higher post in the next elections to come.

Alex Diaz makes #YouThinkYouCan

by Angelica Cruz


Something sweet is a sure way to bring excitement. This is how the inventive upgrade of Cadbury managed to give that new confection encounter.

The added new twist on the classic chocolate was a creative rendition that is aimed at creating a favorable change in the consumers’ behavior. And in the new leg of the campaign, budding teen star Alex Diaz and known beauty enthusiast and fashion blogger Arisse De Santos were introduced as Cadbury 5Star’s new ambassadors.

“Recently, I have been thanking God because right after I accepted the proposal, I’ve been offered many projects. So I really consider this as the bench mark in the progress of my career,” Alex said.

To elevate the fun during the media launch at Glorietta Activity Center, challenges were given to the event’s guests. Carrying the official hashtag, #YouThinkYouCan, ambassadors Alex and Arisse, along with Patrick Sugui, Axel Torres, Markki Stroem, Ryan Sy, and Richard Juan, dared themselves to walk in a mini chocolate pool while dancing to the beat of the hit song “Running Man.”

Indeed, Alex has already made a name in the entertainment industry. Aside from his regular exposure on We Love OPM, where Alex, Markki and Ryan were branded as Team Hotspot, a single under Star Music called “Must Be Going Crazy” is also keeping the one-time radio DJ busy.

But even if there’s a lot of agenda in his mind, Alex still manages to enjoy life just as how Cadbury 5Star is promoting.

“You just actually have to be yourself and never let anybody hinder your colors. Always shine as bright as you can and be a single color that you are no matter what the color is and never let anybody stop you. That is how you will be able to think you can,” Alex shared.