Manila X: Where music and fashion collide

by Angelica Cruz


Rock band Kwjan performs while models strut the runway.
(Photo by Sonny Espiritu)

Filipino festivalgoers witnessed the merging of music and fashion through bold runway shows scored by world-class musical performances at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds.

Welcoming the crowd were catchy beats from DJ Jess Milner. Drilling down the different strands of music were Pop Rock Princess Yeng Constantino and Kiana Valenciano.


Top DJs (clockwise) Jessica Milner, Tom Taus and Curse & Bless serving some cool beats
(Photo by Sonny Espiritu)

Live musical acts, intensified with the presence of various artists and celebrities, had the crowd dancing and singing the night along. One of the crowd favorites was Gloc 9 whose album Sukli under Star Music was launched recently in ABS-CBN’s variety show ASAP. Also the headliners in the fest were some of the country’s much-anticipated and well-received bands like Kjwan, Up Dharma Down, and The Juans. They cruised through their original hit songs while fashion models stun the audience with their impeccable style.

Once everyone was prepped up, hip online retailer Zalora filled the runway with bold tribal prints and romantic night out pieces, pumped up by performances from up and coming band The Juans and singer-songwriter duo Thyro and Yumi. This was followed by stylist John Paul Dizon’s sleek-themed show, with ensembles worn by his models and celebrity clients and friends.


Jake Ejercito (left) walks for fashion designer John Paul Dizon (right)
(Photo by Sonny Espiritu)

The energy was brought back up by stylist duo Rain Dagala and Em Millan through youthful, editorial, street looks in their sportswear-dominated show. It was complemented by powerful, collaborative performances from Gloc 9 and DJ Badkiss.

With Bang Pineda’s flair for menswear, the stylist/designer went forward with a show presenting a legion of men imbibing the grunge spirit. Completing the vibe was a high-dosage rock performance from Kjwan led by vocalist Marc Abaya. DJs Marc Marasigan and duo Curse & Bless spun in between shows to keep everyone on their toes. To end the festival with a bang, DJs Tom Taus and Ace Ramos spun their best beats, making the crowd dance the night away.

Directed by Paolo Valenciano, this revolutionary merging of music and fashion came from the aspiration of Founder and Creative Director, stylist John Lozano to give every Filipino access to fashion and styling, and ultimately help realize and embrace individuality through the merging of runway shows and musical performances.

Sponsored by make-up label BYS, and powered by Zalora and TaskUs Philippines, the fastest growing startup firm in the country, Manila X is the first of its kind in the Philippines — and proudly local event where music and fashion collide.


Met theater: Revival of the ‘Grand Old Dame’

by Coleen Nevado


Met’s ballroom retains its elegant and vintage look.
(Photo by Coleen Nevado)

Abandoned in the city of Manila after years of neglect and indifference, the Manila Metropolitan Theater (Met) is now prepared to go through metamorphosis and leave its current state of absolute disrepair. The once Grand Old Dame of Manila is set for restoration as the National Commission of Culture and Arts (NCCA) is determined to end its decaying days and bring back the image of the iconic venue it once was.

NCCA has bought Met for P270 million and envisioned it to be a “mini Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).” Through the collaboration with architecture students from 12 different schools and universities in Manila, NCCA’s effort for the restoration has begun with a clean-up drive entitled “METamorphosis” as a starter for the course to change. The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has also released a budget of P9.48 million for the initial stages of Met’s utter renovation.


One of the destructed rooms inside that is yet to be repaired and renovated.
(Photo by Coleen Nevado)


Works of art are remained to be seen inside the theater in spite its decaying state.
(Photo by Coleen Nevado)

Although the building externally was still in adequate condition and has maintained its aesthetic visual on the outside, Met’s state inside used to be an entire different story. Before its clean-up, the squalor look of the place was quite unbearable. Balcony seats and electrical wirings are gone and have been stolen, moldings at the stage area have fallen off and section of ceilings had been found unsteady.

The Metropolitan Theater was designed by architect Juan Arellano and was constructed during the Thirties. Although CCP is known to be the country’s main theater, Met used to be the grand venue for showcasing acts and performances such as concerts for kundiman singers and vaudeville plays. Due to the bombings in Manila, destruction was brought upon on some buildings and Met was not spared. This caused the end of its greatness.

The aim to return the theater to its respectable condition is now on its way, along with the revival of the significance it lost and the essence of the venue for culture and art.

A new and improved Manila Bulletin

by Carlo Angelo Suñga

A few touches and redecorations can make or break an art direction’s style, but for Manila Bulletin (MB), the new redesigns in their most recent renovations display near perfect execution.

Right from the entrance, the designated lobby that was once shaded gray and white all over is now added with a majestic blend of brown wood from the center ceilings to the walls. A few chandeliers now hang gracefully from the center ceiling.

The lighting, once bearing fluorescent colors, now glows of light yellow to complement the nature and artistic style of the center lobby.

In the center lobby, where there was previously a rectangular signage that boasted “Manila Bulletin” and its slogan “The Philippines’ Leading National Newspaper,” is now a grand arrangement of large gold letters of the company’s name with back lighting per letter.

The second floor is also entirely redecorated with a new overall design which eliminates the typical office setup. The heart of MB, the integral newsroom, is now positioned with long curved tables (instead of the traditional cubicle per employee).

Centered in the newsroom is the editorial desk that mimics a Star Trek-vibe, as according to MB the new design is inspired by the sci-fi hit’s signature Enterprise spaceship’s central piloting area.

Founded in 1900 as a shipping journal, Manila Bulletin is the second-oldest newspaper in the Philippines next to The Manila Times. MB has survived through the years by enduring the adjustment of times.

Recently, in the rise of modern technology, come overwhelming online capabilities. With this introduces the newest team in Manila Bulletin – the Social Media team.

Mostly composed of millennials, the Social Media team adheres to a set of online responsibilities that pertain to active social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their office is decorated with cylindrical round tables with designated office spaces for each employee.

In addition, Manila Bulletin is the only newspaper publication that has a printing press under the same roof. MB’s printing press is one of the fewest in Asia, with the other printing press in Japan being included.

If there were to be an immediate story of extreme importance, the printing press would halt all remaining papers at the given time and include the newly updated papers for the day as soon as possible. The press will have to re-mat to stop production.

4 spots to visit in Intramuros if you’re “kuripot”

by Risha Heidiline Fernandez

Are you looking for places to unwind your mind from the stresses of work and school? Trying to brainstorm ways to kill time because you’re running short on money or simply heeding the call of the cheapskate in you? Then read along, you awesome street-smart survivor, because we’ve just compiled your holy grail.

  • The Hepa Lanes

Release the inner foodie in you and take a leap of fate at this affordable, gastronomical Russian roulette because these grub-selling carts are just everywhere. Streets near populous areas like San Francisco (where the cantunan can be found) and Victoria are teeming with stalls selling snacks at prices that can stretch the capabilities of your twenty peso bill.

  • The churches

To be perfectly candid, there’s not much need for some sales-talking here because these ancient beauties are one of Intramuros finest gems (hey, they weren’t called City of Churches for nothing’) — see that teal-colored dome over there? That’s the Manila Cathedral, a structure breathtakingly pretty you could probably cry. And that’s just the façade.

  • Manila Collectible Co.

It’s not a crime to be a window shopper, so get your art and history fix with this cornucopia of wonderful goods supplied by local artisans! Located just behind the Manila Cathedral (or if you want to be more specific, Cabildo cor. Beaterio St.), the lovechild of Artwork and Kultura is for those who are in need of appreciation for their own countrymen’s own works.

  • Plaza Sampalucan

Or unless you want to use the posh Plazuela de Sta. Isabel, this pocket garden located along General Luna is a fairly pleasing spot to sit back and relax. The park’s focal point, Memorare Manila 1945, is a sculpture erected by a group in honor of the 100,000 lives lost in the Liberation of Manila. Meanwhile, its infamous moniker came from the once abundant sampaloc trees that were, according to legend, planted in the area in reminder of the scandal which took place in 1621.

Now remember: you’re still in Manila so stay keen on your hydration and belongings, people!

The art of saving a life

By Valerie Anne Pascual

“Writerly nook,” a Facebook fan page, created a fundraising event for a 4-year old child suffering from Chordoma, a rare tumor that develops in the bones of the skulls and spine. The event would be held at Chinese garden (Rizal park) on August 29, 2016 from 9am-3pm.

The administrators of Writerly nook Facebook fan page came up with the idea of compiling writings pieces of different volunteer writers to publish a book named “Pages of Life,” with a tagline, “saving life thru pen,” a collection of 48 short stories and poems.
“The earned funds from that event will all be given to Aedan Pio Pascual Malvar. We created this event to inform the public about our project’s goals: to help, share, inspire, and teach,” Maryann Campo, one of the event organizers, said.

Writerly nook invited different speakers to discuss some topics about writing. Aside from the writing workshops, the book launch of Pages of Life will be in the same event. Each book costs Php 260.00, and some netizens pre-ordered for their book copy and the payment was sent through Palawan pera padala. Games and some other activities will be expected in the event as well.

Aedan Pio is a painter who dreams to be an astronaut one day and he loves drawing planets. His rare art was recognized at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., however, he wasn’t able to go to the United States to personally receive his award, supposedly given last March 3, 2016.

Chordoma is a rare tumor that develops in the bones of the skulls and spine and can occur in any age group, and most commonly on people over age 40. The said disease may cause headaches, neck pain, blurred or double vision. It is a slow-growing tumor that are often large when diagnosed. The favored treatment for chordoma is surgery to remove the tumor, and an advanced radiation therapy that uses protons rather than traditional X-rays. The treatment targets tumors and cancer cells more precisely than the common X-rays used. This treatment is used to reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

However, the recurrence of chordoma is very common, and in the last stage of the disease, there are chances that the tumor may spread to other parts of the body. Unfortunately, the treatment for this disease is not yet available in the Philippines, and in the United States, it costs around $250,000 (11 million pesos).